Administer and Design Surveys Using ZipSurvey Software

Use On-Demand survey design software from ZipSurvey™ to easily create and design surveys and administer your surveys to thousands using our e-mail deployment software tools. ZipSurvey™ software administers multiple surveys at one time, allowing you to copy and paste thousands of e-mail addresses quickly and easily. You will be notified when all survey invite e-mails have been sent, and will be notified of returned e-mail addresses. Send out reminder notifications to survey participants to improve response rates. ZipSurvey™ software allows you to create unique keys to block multiple survey responses, ensuring survey design and software data quality.

The confidentiality and objectivity of all web survey data is ensured because hosts and administers the surveys on our own secured servers. ZipSurvey™ has invested heavily in a world-class technological infrastructure and our survey software so you don't have to.