Frequently Asked Questions

Why ZipSurvey™?
ZipSurvey™ was developed by industrial and organizational psychologists – Ph.D.s with formal education in survey and research methodology. ZipSurvey™ is supported by these same Ph.D. level consultants through Reliant, and offer their expertise to assist you in building a high quality survey. If you need assistance, Reliant offers a full range of consulting services that competing web-based survey companies cannot. For additional assistance, email us at or call us at 888.825.6080.
How long does it take to get an account?
You can register for a ZipSurvey™ account online. It will take just a few minutes to complete and will allow you to instantly start creating web-based surveys. Click here to sign up now!
How long does it take to create a survey with ZipSurvey™?
Your survey can be created and launched in just a few short minutes, depending on the number of questions you choose, of course. ZipSurvey™ is an incredibly user-friendly tool, and with the embedded help text and guide on how to develop quality surveys, creating surveys and addressing concerns is easier than ever! Preview your survey in real-time, edit questions and change ordering, activate your survey instantly and email it to your chosen respondents, collect the results, and view the reports– it really is that easy. You have total control over what your survey looks like, content, recipient lists, and more! You will not have to wait for anyone, with the exception of your respondents.
How many questions can ZipSurvey™ handle?
How many questions do you need to serve your purpose? With ZipSurvey™ you are never limited to a pre-set number of questions. You can ask any number of question and answer combinations, choosing from our varied list of question types (e.g., drop-down, radio-button, check boxes, rank order, open-ended, matrix).
Does ZipSurvey™ offer survey templates for professional use?
Yes. Reliant is particularly pleased to offer this option to ZipSurvey™ account holders. With a subscription to ZipSurvey™, account holders have access to ready-made survey templates that can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of the current survey. All items for these survey templates were developed and validated by Ph.D.s in industrial and organizational psychology – experts with formal training in survey development and research methodology. This is an option that competing web-survey companies cannot offer. And, if the survey templates do not meet your needs, our consulting staff can. Give them a call at 918.583.5596, or email them at
Can I pilot-test using ZipSurvey™?
Yes. At any time during the design process you can preview your survey and/or have "test" people respond. Pilot-testing is a good means of obtaining feedback on survey content, clarity, style, and usefulness. This pilot data can then be easily cleared with the click of a button prior to your actual survey launch.
How do I distribute the survey?
When your survey is complete, you can use the automated email deployment feature and distribute an invitation and survey link to those on your list. For companies with limited computer capabilities, Reliant can also provide computer kiosks where your employees can complete the survey.
What measures has ZipSurvey™ taken to ensure that one survey respondent is not taking a survey multiple times?
Excellent question. Although with very large samples this scenario is not likely to be problematic, a single respondent who takes a survey several times can have a serious impact on the overall results for smaller groups of survey respondents. To address this potential threat to data integrity, ZipSurvey™ features the ability for account holders to request a custom web address be sent to each intended survey respondent. This measure preserves respondent anonymity, but does not allow for the person to re-enter the address once they have completed the survey. In other words, they cannot enter the link and take the survey again and again.
Can I view the results in real-time?
Yes. Easy-to-read item frequency reports are generated as respondents complete surveys. These can be monitored online from any computer with an internet connection.
Do you support item branching?
Yes. Branching allows you to direct respodents to an item based upon their response to a previous item. Branching also allws for immediate survey termination if certain criteria are not met, or for increasing difficulty of questions (e.g., knowledge test). We continue to develop new branching and text-piping logic that will be added to ZipSurvey on a regular basis.
Can I run multi-page surveys?
Yes. You have the flexibility to put your entire survey on one page, or to put a page break after every question, after every few questions, or after different question types.
Can I put my company's logo on the survey?
Certainly. Logos and thumbnails can be easily added to a survey, and you can custom tailor the text, borders, and colors.
Can I have a survey in multiple languages?
Yes. ZipSurvey can handle multiple languages. Reliant also offers linguistic translation and support for multinational companies or surveys that will go out to multiple countries. If you need it, we will get it for you.
Does the Reliant name have to be attached to every survey I send?
No. You can remove all traces of a third party (i.e., us) if you would prefer. You have the power due to the numerous options ZipSurvey™ offers. However, it should be noted that research has consistently demonstrated that a third party association in a survey venture is highly valued by recipients due to the association of objectivity and to ensure confidentiality.
Can I create a unique domain name just for our survey?
Certainly. You can personalize your survey address by purchasing specific a domain name. If you want it, we can do it for you. There is an extra charge for this option, and we will do all the setup work for you, including registering the possible domain name. Please contact
Can Reliant serve as an independent research organization?
Absolutely. Our Ph.D. and M.A. level consultants can assist your company in every aspect of the survey process from start to finish. We offer a full range of research consulting services including content development, survey feedback consulting, focus group facilitation, test and individual assessment product development, and data analysis of survey results using advanced statistics, if requested. In our consulting services, we also provide all administrative and technical support. We will work with you to create a customized survey that meets all your needs. If you have other research needs, our consultants are fully trained and highly motivated. Email us at or call us at 918.583.5596.
How much does ZipSurvey™ cost?
ZipSurvey™ costs just $199 per year which includes unlimited surveys and responses. We also have a monthly option at $19.95 a month with 1,000 surveys a month. For more information, see our pricing structure . Want to learn more? Email one of our consultants or call us at 918.583.5596 for more detailed information.
What equipment do I need to run ZipSurvey™?
You will need a computer with an internet connection and a web browser.
Does any software get downloaded to my computer when using ZipSurvey™?
Absolutely NOT. ZipSurvey™ requires no downloads, installs, or applets. ZipSurvey™ is 100% web-based and hosted on servers owned by Reliant. This means you can use any internet-enabled computer to create your surveys, and respondents can use any internet-enabled computer to complete those surveys.
What about security?
ZipSurvey™ is hosted on Reliant's secured web and database servers. All ZipSurvey™ accounts are username and password protected, and ZipSurvey™ is monitored for security purposes by Reliant's IT department. For additional information, please see our privacy policy and user agreement . All your data is confidential and owned by you. As industrial and organizational psychologists, we value confidentiality. Your data are stored in our database until you choose to delete the survey results. Only you and the Reliant staff have access to your data, and we will not share your data with anybody, or sell proprietary information.
Can I analyze my data directly using other statistical software?
Absolutely. Raw data is owned by you, and is never "held captive" by Reliant. With the click of a button, data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Crystal Reports, or any other database program. If you require higher order analyses such as correlations, multiple regressions, or factor analysis, Reliant's Ph.D. level consultants are fully trained in data analysis. Please contact us for consulting services by emailing us at or calling us at 918.583.5596 for more detailed information.
I am not a statistician, is this a problem for me as a ZipSurvey™ account holder?
Not at all. ZipSurvey™ automatically generates item statistics, providing percentages of respondents who endorsed each item. The basic reports are designed to be understood by anybody – statistician or not. Our research has shown that most companies find item frequency statistics generated by ZipSurvey™ are the most useful type of statistic in survey research. However, ZipSurvey™ data can be exported to any database for higher order analyses (e.g., correlations and regressions), and Reliant also offers consulting services in this capacity, as well.
How reliable are survey results?
Very. Research has consistently shown the best way to keep track of the corporate pulse, political constituents, and economic development has been through the use of surveys. However, results from fewer respondents are less reliable. Thus, to achieve greater reliability it is necessary to obtain a sample of respondents that is representative of your target population.
How fast can tech support assist me, if I need it?
Reliant guarantees less than 24-hour response. We value our customers, and want to help you in any way we can. For technical question, contact our IT department by emailing them at